Ice Cream Bro

Launched in March 2015, Ice Cream Bro was created to be an on-campus, on-demand ice cream delivery service.

Meet the Team

Reid Gahan


A junior economics major, Reid fell in love with the startup world in his first year at UNL. He decided to enter it by founding Ice Cream Bro. When not delivering ice cream, crunching numbers, or building new features on the site, Reid likes to drum and watch Rick and Morty.

Austin Hillman

Head of Promotions

The second member to join the team is Austin, a Finance and Marketing major from Gretna. Austin fell into his role at Ice Cream Bro quickly, finding joy in interacting with people and groups across campus. When he's not delivering ice cream or thinking of new promotions for customers, you can find him smashing people on Counter Strike or listening to some early to mid 2000s jams.

Jenna Buckley

Head of Marketing

Jenna is the newest member to the ICB team. Along with delivering ice cream, she manages and creates content for our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. In her free time, the little she has, you’ll find her online shopping, drinking tea, studying architecture, and long boarding.

Delivery Zone

As a rule of thumb, if we can long board there, we'll deliver to you. These delivery times are averages, not guarantees.